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IBM Z and LinuxONE Content Solutions

This article walks through the features and layout of content solutions, showcasing how they can be used when planning and configuring a new product.

IBM Z and LinuxONE Content Solutions

Some of the world’s most complex problems are managed and resolved with enterprise technology. It shouldn’t be as complex to actually get started and use that technology—but with white papers, documentation, support forums, and multimedia content scattered across the web, it’s sometimes painful to track down every piece of information you need to begin. When you’re seeking best practices, or even just direction for a product, you shouldn’t have to spend time searching every combination of words to find everything you need.

That’s why our team introduced content solutions: collections of technical resources that provide everything you need to get started quickly with and use an IBM Z or LinuxONE solution, all brought together on a single page. These pages act as a collection of essential artifacts and best practices for a variety of offerings, spanning automation and management, security, prediction, modernization, and optimization. Each content solution describes essential procedures and provides quick access to details.

We’ve recently completed a top-to-bottom redesign of our content solution pages, making them easier than ever to use.

Here’s a breakdown of what each content solution page contains.


This section offers a brief description of the technology covered in the page and its value. Any unique product-related terms are tooltip enabled, allowing you to easily hover over a word and find its definition. Additionally, there’s often a video featured in this section to provide a quick overview.

Figure 1

Figure 1: Introduction

Big picture

This is a visual, high-level procedure indicating what your “get started” experience will look like. It allows you to take a birds-eye view of the information that is covered in detail in the section that follows.

Figure 2

Figure 2: Big picture

How to get started

Here’s where you’ll find detailed procedures and resources for setting up and using the technology. This might be broken out by the specific sequence of steps needed to be taken, or the roles who are most responsible for each task. Where greater detail is required, you can reliably find a link to the right resource. As in the product overview section, unique terms are tooltip enabled.

Figure 3

Figure 3: How to get started

Technical resources

This is a list of various supplementary resources that can provide further guidance, context, and assistance to allow you to go deeper with a given solution. Here, you’ll find content ranging from white papers to IBM Redbooks, educational courses, and videos.

Figure 4

Figure 4: Technical resources

Additionally, each content solution page provides information about related solutions that might pair well with the technology you’re using.

We encourage you to check out our content solution directory, whether you’re already using a technology and want to find more information about it or are exploring a new capability and want to see how you can leverage it. You can also expect to find new content solutions being added regularly, as well as updates being made to existing pages as new resources or capabilities are released. This information can be found at the bottom of content solution pages, summarized in a “What’s new” section.

Finally, we’d love to hear feedback about our content solutions. You’ll find a “Rate this content” button at the bottom of each page. This will bring you to a brief form to leave your thoughts and provide a rating. Your feedback allows us to continually iterate and improve these pages.

About the author

Colton Cox is a content designer for IBM Z. With work spanning multiple project areas, he focuses on providing optimal user experiences through content strategy and product-level writing.

Bill Keller contributed to the technical review of this article.